I’m a West Fargo, ND native with 15 years of broadcasting engineering experience, and 20 years of technology, web design, and IT experience. I hold SBE Certified Broadcast Radio Engineer (CBRE), Digital Radio Broadcast Specialist (DRB), and Certified Broadcast Networking Engineer (CBNE) certifications, as well as an Extra class Amateur Radio license (as KØRQ). I am a member of SBE and IEEE.

As one of the few millennials in the Broadcast Engineering field, I take a different approach to radio station operations. With so many forms of digital media out there competing for people’s time, there is no margin for error. Today’s broadcast engineer is not only responsible for ensuring the station is on the air and sounding good, but also making sure on-air talent have all the tools and technology they need to produce compelling content for their listeners.

I look to the latest and greatest tech to come up with new answers to today’s problems, while increasing productivity and minimizing off-air time. My focus is primarily studio based, working daily with station automation, audio processing, and AOIP. I also work with STL’s, IP Links, and RF on a regular basis.

I am available for freelance/contract work. Let me help you make your radio station sound better!